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Master in marketing e comunicazione

Master in marketing e comunicazione con stage retribuito, per il tuo buono sconto: buono sconto master in marketing e comunicazione

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master marketing

master marketing
master in marketing e comunicazione, stage retribuito


giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

reflections on web marketing

From my early studies I loved the marketing and everything that surrounded this amazing world, dealing from the start of traditional marketing, the accuracy of product development, market research, advertising, classic, and events.In the last few years I became interested in the web 2.0 attracted by its exponential growth and the fact that the digital age is becoming increasingly popular in today's society.Even today, I consider my education and culture in a "work in progress", and should be the same for everyone, we are in the presence of something that changes and evolves every day.I know several businesses that the reluctance to the nine forms of communication today can not do at least one site, an online communication campaign, a constriction in the companies to change their ideas, have made it their strength.Already in 1999, Kotler, the greatest of all time marketing specialist, spoke about the evolution of marketing and change that the digital revolution would take place in the decade, so it was.I consider the leverage Web 2.0 promotion that has managed to cut its space within the marketing mix, integrating the entire scenario of communication, creating a sort of relationship offline / online....rimanendo in the terminology of the Web.Today more than ever I like to give a color to that communication that years ago seemed devoid of content, a similar color to the size of Steve Jobs, one of the most charismatic of our time (such as not to remember), a man and creative visionary who I consider a marketing genius, and not marketing numbers, slogans and phrases, but the marketing has to do with the interaction between consumer and producer, and this is the emblem of the Web 2.0, maybe there ' is so much diversity, but I think that there is only a slight subtlety.From the traditional to the real Web 2.0 is making the full definition of marketing presence in all the books: the art of creating value for the market based on consumer needs .... If the new user.The same Mark Zuckerberg has helped the development of this cultural revolution, giving rise to a simple communication platform first, classifiable as a chat, and then transforming it into a phenomenon of mass communication that sees the emergence of social media marketing, well also mention twitter myspace, youtube, as well as the latest addition to google +, but it would be better to analyze all in parallel to viral marketing.I advise you not stop and look, we continue to chase the time, traveling in the same direction of what we were taught the great marketer, making the right innovation, maybe choosing alternative ways of running a few risks, which never hurts.

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